District 1

Sam Abraham

As an elected official, it is my responsibility, to the best of my ability, to manage and provide the best services for the citizens of Leflore County and the state of Mississippi.  When elected, I pledged to the citizens of Leflore County that I would run this very important office with honesty, integrity, and fairness, which each citizen of this county deserves and expects from their elected officials.

My main goal as District 1 Supervisor is to provide the best possible services to the citizens of Leflore County.  I am always conscious of the fact that this office belongs to them.  Therefore, my staff and I will always treat each individual with common courtesy and respect.

As a lifelong resident of Greenwood, Mississippi, I feel I have been greatly blessed.  I have been married to the former Flo Harrell of Greenwood, Mississippi for thirty years.  We have been blessed with two beautiful daugthers: Randi Abraham Neal of Grenada, Mississippi, and Beth Abraham Nicholson of Greenwood, Mississippi, and one granddaugther: Brennan Clare Neal.

I am always accessible to the citizens of our county.  If you have any problem or question, please feel free to contact me at 662-455-3904.


Chancery Clerk for Leflore County-Elected 1996
North Central Planning and Development-1985-1996
MS State Department of Audit-field auditor-1973-1985

Sam Abraham

P.O. Box 250
Greenwood MS 38935-0250
Phone: (662) 455-3904
Fax:  (662) 455-7965