District 3

District 3 Supervisor

Anjuan Brown began his career in 1989 at Walthall County; a deputy at the Walthall Sheriff Department he was responsible for preparation of dispatching units. With a vast amount of Criminal Justice opportunities Anjuan sought to seek training at the Mississippi Law Enforcement Training Academy.  In 1991, Anjuan joined Walthall County School System where he assisted students individually with academic teaching and planning.  Anjuan focused his interest and became employed with the Mississippi Department of Corrections as a Correction Officer and a Police Officer at Mississippi Valley State University.


Anjuan Brown, a Jackson State alumnus, has 28+ years of leadership experience in law enforcement.  In 2008, Anjuan joined the Carroll County School District as the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent and Head of Security.  While at Carroll County School District, he supervised a staff of 15+, directed the operational duties of the School Resources Officers, chaired special projects, gained experience as the Director of Character Education, functioned as theSchool Intervention Specialist, and was the schools Director of Public/Media Relations; because of his extensive background in laws enforcement he was deputized as Carroll County Deputy Sheriff.  With many facets he was elected as Leflore County Supervisor and serves on the North Central Planning and Development Board. He has also performed information security functions and enforced traffic and parking policies for schools safety.  


Anjuan Brown, with his strong background and experienced in Law Enforcement has an extensive knowledge in security and safety.  Anjaun will lead in the capacity as Chief of Safety for the Greenwood Consolidated Schools and is responsible for activities relating to security projects, practices, and methodologies. 


Anjuan Brown

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Phone: (662) 455-3904
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