Unit System

The Leflore County Unit System also known as the Road and Bridge Department is located at 310 James Hargrove in Industrial Park. Jerry Smith has been the Road Manager since 2012, but he has been employed with Leflore County since 1981. Our department is committed to serving the citizens of Leflore County by ensuring that the roads and bridges are safe for travel.

The Unit System maintains the roads and bridges throughout Leflore County including state aid roads. We are responsible for making routine maintenance of bridges and replace county signs.  We spray, weed-eat and cut grass throughout the county. We haul gravel and other materials to county roads and grade the roads. In order to maintain proper drainage the county installs and replaces culverts and we also clear drains and remove beaver dams. We also perform excavation including removing lily pads from our area lakes. We also mill, mat & seal, and pave county roads.   

Roger Crigler is the Assistant Road Manager. 

Unit System

James Brown, Area 3 Road Foreman

Willian Sullivan, Shop Foreman

Roger Crigler, Asst. Road Manager

James R. Brown, Area 1 Road Foreman

Jerry Smith, Road Manager

Jerry Edwards, Area 4 Road Foreman

Joe Willie Barnes, Area 2 Interim Road Foreman

Randy Moore, Area 5 Road Foreman


Currently, there are 40 members of the Unit System: 36 full-time and 4 part-time workers.

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Tanya Brownlee, Secretary for Jerry Smith, Road Manager

Leflore County Unit System

Road and Bridge Department
Physical Address: 310 James Hargrove
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 250
Greenwood, MS 38935

Phone: (662) 455-5400
Fax: (662) 453-6326